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Mentec Foundation is an NPO founded in 2006 focusing on Industry Specific ICT, BPO,Mining, Portable Skills (Public Works Programmes) and Entrepreneurship skills. A global aspirant African company with an aim to become a leader in Africa. Mentec Foundation has created work opportunities for more than 20 000+ beneficiaries since inception and continues to provide enterprise development solutions to Corporate South Africa and Government.

9 South African provinces
CSI Registration status
SARS Section 18A / Fully transformed NPO  
Over the years Mentec has been a CSI (Corporate Social Investment) delivery partner to industry leaders. This has been made possible by our niche rural and township development programs and our ability to secure economic opportunities for our beneficiaries. Job placements and enterprise development are key competitive factors that make Mentec Foundation a leading NGO in Africa.

Developing Africa’s solutions architects
Becoming an ICT, Portable Skills , Job Placement and Enterprise Development thought leader in SADC
Some of Mentec Foundation's key projects
  • AM TAR Motors - South Africa's local car design and manufacturing project
  • BATS - Business Academy for Technology and Systems
  • ABSA Barclays CSI programs
  • Accenture CSI programs including the CE3 Project
  • EFE (Spain) CSI projects
  • MICT SETA learnership projects
  • MQA Mining and training projects
  • Dan Piet (Pty) Ltd collaborative projects
  • Drone Tech Project
  • Rockefeller Foundation DJA project
  • Rockefeller Foundation DJA project
  • City of Ekurhuleni projects
  • City of Johannesburg projects
  • and a number of technical skills projects
  • BISE - Black Industrialist School of Excellence (Mpumalanga)
Mentec Foundation offers a diverse skills , jobs and enterprise development program range.
Below find our program offering and regional contact details.
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Mentec’s local and international Pro-Bono supported initiatives: AM TAR Motors, DD and Enterprise Resource Planning projects

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Black Industrialist Development projects powered by public and private sector companies in South Africa.

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Strategy development programs and enterprise development projects for emerging ICT, Mining, Retail and Agriculture entrepreneurs

ICT offering

  1. SAP ERP Training – ICT
  2. Oracle Training – ICT
  3. CISCO Training – ICT
  4. Systems Development Training – ICT
  5. Mobility (Mobile App Development) – ICT
  6. Drone Tech Skills Development – ICT (New)
  7. Technical Support – ICT
  8. Website Development – ICT
  9. ICT Enterprise Development – ICT
  10. Programming for kids – ICT
  11. Digital & Animated Content Development – ICT
  12.  Stars & Masters Program 

Portable skills offering

  1. Agriculture – Live stock
  2. Agriculture – Value Crop Production
  3. Sewing
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Motor Mechanic
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Food Packaging
  8.  Health and Safety
  9. Business Incubation and Support
  10. Meat Processing
  11. Logistics Management
  12. Hospitality
  13. Business Mentorship
  14. NGO Empowerment Program

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